tremendous energy – BBC 
惊人的能量 – BBC
China’s avant-garde – The Guardian  
来自中国的先锋 – 英国卫报
a joyful, exuberant set, quite novel to western ears – The Sunday Times
 一台赏心悦目、生机勃勃的节目,对于西方人的耳朵来说很新奇 – 星期日泰晤士报
One of five favourite acts from WOMAD 2017: “The Zhou Family Band’s intoxicatingly energetic and melodic music has been warmly welcomed and celebrated by audiences all over the world and the WOMAD crowd was no exception.” –SOAS Radio  
Zhou Family Band (China):“Irrepressible ensemble playing the music that accompanies births and deaths in central-eastern China. Theres oodles of energy in their performances, making them kindred spirits with many East European gypsy bands.”WOMAD Web  
周家班(中国):“不可征服的乐团,伴随着中国中原地带人们的生与死的音乐。他们的表演洋溢着能量, 与东欧的吉普赛乐队有着异曲同工之妙。”——WOMAD 音乐节网站

由历代大班主引领的周家班,远宗周文王,近宗宋儒理学的奠基者周敦颐,从古至今不知传承了多少代,人人以乐为生,年年迎生送死,祭天祀祖,盛世乱世始终不渝……他们手中持着乐器 ,心中持着法器……行走在大地上,穿行于历史中……被誉为“中国最具元气的声音”“汉民族音乐的奇葩,活化石”。截止目前,周家班全族上下男女老幼亲系传承乐手百余人,徒系传承乐手约计上千人的规模,横跨苏鲁豫皖,形成了庞大的民间音乐族群。他们以民间最熟稔亲切的乐器--唢呐为主打乐器,灵活运用各种最具中国风格、乡土气息的民间吹打乐器,成为华东、中原汉民族音乐不可多得的珍贵活化石和突出代表,也是中华民族传统艺术的瑰宝。
    In history, this music inspired the soldiers to charge forward,to become fearless of the death,and assisted the priests to communicate with the God. For countless generations, with the guidance of the family leaders, the successors of the Zhou have been using this music to celebrate the birth of life and to mourn the farewell of life,to offer sacrifics to the Gods and the ancestor from ancient time till now.
    They have the instruments in their hand and spirits in their heart while they traveling in the world and wandering in history.They have been represented as the "the music with qi" and "the living fossil of Han music,".At the present, the bands have more than 100 musician of all ages and gender,and more than tens of hundreds of musicians learn the musi from them through mentorship in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui provinces forming a huge group of folk music. They use suona, the most familiar folk musical instrument, as the main instrument, and use various kinds of folk wind and percussion instruments made with Chinese features and local custom.So the Band become the rare living fossil and prominent representative of the Han nationality music in easter and the central area of China, and also the treasure of Chinese traditional art.
    In 2014,the ensemble of chinese wind and percussion inherited by BAND of Zhou Family was named after The trumpet of  Lin Bi Bo Lin for the original site and selected as the fourth national intangible cultural heritage.
周家班在中国受到中央、省市级媒体的多次采访和报道,受邀参加过北京传统音乐节(2015)、中国艺术节(2016)、山东国际音乐节(2018)、上海国际音乐节(2018)等重要演出活动。并于 2017  7 月巡演欧洲五国(英国、德国、瑞典、爱尔兰、比利时),在 WOMADRudolstadtSfinks Mixed 等世界音乐节上表演,20199月、10月以及中国春节期间巡演美国八个州,在哈佛大学、伯克利学院、波士顿大学、密歇根大学、肯塔基大学、匹兹堡大学、芝加哥世界音乐节、全球根源音乐节、里士满音乐节,波士顿大学全球音乐节、肯尼迪艺术中心演出并大获好评。周家班受邀在美国Wood Songs节目上进行演奏,节目主持人美国音乐家Michael Jonathan在听过演奏后发表感言:周家班真是太棒了,能请到他们到WOOD SOOGS表演中国传统音乐真是太美好了,这是中国传统文化进美国时十分受欢迎的一部分,很荣幸能请到周家班,我们非常爱他们。
Band of Zhou Family has been interviewed and reported by the central, provincial and municipal media for a plural of times in China and has been invited to participate in a series of renowned performances such as Beijing traditional music festival2015)、China Art Festival2016)、Shandong International Music Festival2018)、Shanghai International Music Festival2018). It has made five circle performances around European countries (UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium) in July 2017 as well as the stages of WOMADRudolstadtSfinks Mixed. In September and October of 2019 and during the Chinese Spring Festival tour of eight states in the United States, in Harvard University, Berkeley College, Boston University, Michigan University, University of Kentucky, University of Pittsburgh, Chicago's Fête de la Musique, Global Roots Music Festival, Richmond Music Festival, Boston University's Global Music Festival, and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts performed with great acclaim. BAND of Zhou Family was invited to perform on the American Wood Songs program. An American musician Michael Jonathan, delivered a speech as the host after listening to their performance: "It's so honorable to invite them to WOOD SOOGS to perform Chinese traditional music. this is a very popular part of Chinese traditional culture when it entered the United States. This is a distinguished honor to invite them. We really love them very much."