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Woman: The BBC have described their music as a tremendous energy, the gardian says they’re China’s Avon Guard, and the Time said they were quite novel to western ears, headed by the fifth generation musician Zhou Benning. Zhou family band performs not only on local ritual, but also on national and international stages. In July 2017, they were invited in an European tour taking them to five countries performing a fish festival as one manding in UK, relistard festival in Germany.

女播音:BBC称他们的音乐是一种巨大的能量,英国卫报说他们是中国的Avon Guard,《时代》杂志称他们对西方人来说很新奇,由第五代音乐家周本鸣领导的周家班不仅在当地的仪式上表演,而且在国内和国际舞台上表演。20177月,他们被邀请参加欧洲之旅,前往五个国家,包括英国和德国的一些节日。

ZhouBenming(周本鸣): 欧洲的观众他在欣赏音乐的时候没有先入为主。。

Man: Chinese audience may find the music is familiar, but many of them regarded as old fashion in their daily form, but the western listeners are totally open to all music, they accept it as music at first, listen and feel the vigorance. Some European music critic say this is the first time they hear the spirit of the Chinese people, not of the call, the energy.


Woman: Coming from Lingbi, Anhui Province, part of the central area which from the cradle of Chinese civilization, members of the Zhou family band has been in musicians for seven generations, they’re also barriers as the tradition by the  from Chinese folk music  Laba, a national intangible cultural heritage of China. The band usually performs at weddings, funerals, and rituals of worshiping  and welcoming dirties. They play the suona, organ ,dizi flute, Chinese drums and symbols of caxi.


ZhouBenming(周本鸣): 礼乐是我们的核心

Man : The system of the rights and the music is the core of Chinese nation, and no wait is bigger than life and death, we play during weddings which bring new life, and funerals which see art which can show respect to the departed, the two ceremonies in the local power.


Woman: Zhou Jingzhi, founder of the Zhou family band, used to play in the world quote of the Qin dynasty, after that came to an end, later generation for the family made through 11, the local ceremonies, the band had become so popular that people sometimes book them two years ahead, now with the 100 members of the Zhou family and over 1000 students are actively playing in the band.


ZhouBenming(周本鸣): 我们有音乐剧

ManThe Zhou family has kept in tact this music tradition that we are huge in members, a skill outstanding and information we deliver is clear, last year we  a musical and we are still trying the art forms, such as film and TV drama, now we are also stating a school to let more people know this time outed art. We are proud of this traditional art and more people should be proud of it.


Woman: truly, it’s exciting to see good  that Zhou family band will traditional culture and music and spreading this sound to the world.  ——CCTVculture